Deciding the viability of a task means deciding its outsourceble-ness.

This decision has to be made keeping in mind various macro factors like Compliance burden, technological feasibility and various micro factors like the firm’s internal processes and work culture.

Our staff does the research, plots out the template given below and culls out a risk-score for the activities you think you might outsource.

We use compliance-experts to analyse the data, and our conclusions are based on a keen operational understanding of how regulatory compulsions impact day to day actions.

Process Name

Process Definition


Task List


Current Profile



Onsite Readiness Score

Offshore Readiness Score






Compliance Burden











Supervision Requirement





Level Of Discretion





Response Lag




Technology Requirement






Onsite Requirements For Outsourcing















Offshore Requirement For Outsourcing














Process Clarity






Level Of Documentation





Certainity Of Workflow





Certainity Of Role





Training Avenues





Number Of External Participants





Number Of Escalation UpLinks & Drop Offs




Geography Adjustment





Special Sensitivities





Total Score





Weighted Score