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Each new Legal Process Outsourcing initiative creates unique challenges for the outsourcing service provider. To tide these challenges, your vendor partner must have a robust grasp of “Value Creation Through Outsourcing”. Going beyond tactical advantages, your partner must provide you long term gains, visible instantly.

Our experience has taught us that out-tasking rarely works, unless it leads to something more. The Intelex Creed is Deep Outsourcing Where outsourcing supports your foundations, unobtrusively, to deliver you the greatest short term cost saving and the highest long term performance improvement.

Rather than being caught in the glut of process based low end processing providers, or circled within the niche of domain specialist law firms, we put Law First & Process First. An optimum balance, which ensures that you receive the consistency and standardization benefits of Process-Think, and the reliability of Legal-Domain-Expertise.

The outsourcing journey starts before transition. We have extensive expertise in planning and transition, and our services are structured to support customers right through their discussions on viability, through transition, through pilots, scaling up and stable operations. We provide free consultancy on managing communications regarding outsourcing, and our transition team are experts in collecting requirements, mapping tasks, mapping roles and building clear escalation and resolution matrixes.

Quality is central to our delivery promise. It starts from thorough documentation, wholesome, robust training and a strong emphasis on information security.

To take the first step of this journey with us, mail : info@zetaintelex.com.