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Zeta INTELEX is a leading Legal Process Outsourcing company, providing high-quality, cost- effective, legal support services to law firms and corporations. INTELEX is diligent in meeting the objectives of its clients with the support of experienced and qualified team of legal practitioners, professionals and subject matter experts.

We assist our global clients in attaining their business objectives successfully and cost effectively with easy accessibility, prompt and high quality service , backed by high degree of Client Confidentiality and Data Security which differentiates INTELEX from other service providers.

People work the best when they feel good about themselves” – this is what our leadership believes in and lives by. An in return, the below is what each and every team member promises when he or she comes to work for Intelex every day consistent, knowledgeable, cautious and strong partner who deals with the non essentials.

Our capacity for partnership stretches beyond understanding the law, mastering technology, applying process and managing people. We ink out and walk on a sure path that allows our customers to weather fragile economic conditions, volatile consumer preferences and the ever increasing emphasis on the bottom line.

Our business started with an idea – that legal services must stay a step ahead of the consumer of legal services. That technology can propel human capacity, standardize business product, and create win win solutions for all. That knowledge, set free within a business, can multiply profits exponentially. That skilled people can work intelligently to de skill a task, and increase its profit yielding capacity.

Most of all, our business started with the idea that our customers should be free to prioritize tasks important for them. That their valued staff remain free to develop client relationships, provide high class customer service and build up their standing.

In this journey, each step so far has been a vindication.

We owe all our achievements to our customers, to their foresight, to their expert guidance, to their trust in our delivery capacity.

We promise our prospective customers the benefit of putting process first and legal first, of unlimited performance improvement by harvesting knowledge, of reliability and of world class quality.

Welcome to Zeta Intelex.