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What Can Be Outsourced In Contracts?

1. Contracts Mark Up - Templates Set, A Few Details/Clauses Amended

2. Contract Review – Review & Escalate/Fix Issues Contrary To Interests Of The Customer

3. Contract Drafting

  • Collect Requirements
  • Build Structure
  • Populate Detail
  • Obtain Customer Feedback
  • Revise/Perfect

4. Contracts Life Cycle Management

  • Draft Contracts Where Required
  • Review When Drafts Originate From The Other Side
  • Build Templates
  • Mark Up Existing Templates For Standard Transactions
  • Manage Renewals & Re-Negotiations
    • Track Time
    • Track Problem Areas
    • Track Operational/Business Feedback

How Can Such Ambitious Scope Be Outsourced?

1. Universal Application

  • Common Business Logic
  • Harmonization Of Contract Law
  • Business Practice
  • Increasing Cross Border Transactions

2. Online Availability Of High Quality Legal Research

  • Licensing Regimes
  • Regulatory Compliance Requirements

3. Manner Of Outsourcing Supported

  • Can Be Done As An Out-Tasking Exercise
    • Each Contract Treated As A Project
    • This Suits The Typical Way Law Firms Otherwise Work
    • Work Can Be Pulled Neatly Out Of The Law Firm’s Process & Lobbed Offshore
    • Can Be Neatly Inserted Back
  • Communication Is Set At Standardized Intervals
  • Glitches Can Be Planned Around & Prevented

How Do We Train Our People

  • The Candidates Are Trained On Standard Templates
  • The Candidates Are Trained On Standard Query Templates
  • The Candidates Are Taught Approach & Contract Preparation Process

What Are The IT Requirement At Our Customer’s Site?

1. General Requirements

  • Microsoft or Open Office
  • Microsoft Outlook Or Corresponding Software
  • Networked PCs
  • Access To The Internet

2. Specific Requirements

  • Contracts Mark Up
    • None In Addition
  • Contract Review – Review & Escalate/Fix Issues Contrary To Interests Of The Customer
    • None In Addition

3. Contract Drafting

  • None In Addition

4. Contracts Life Cycle Management

  • All Contracts Related Documents Would Need To Be Scanned Onshore
  • An Off The Shelf Contract Management Software Would Need To Be Deployed

How Do We Maintain Quality

1. All Staff Come With LPO Experience

2. Our Precedents Are Robust & We Knowledge Harvest Continuously

  • Project Is Considered Complete Only After Learning From That Contract Have Been Documented
  • All Documentation Is Always Available To Every Member Of Staff

3. All Work Is Audited

  • 100% Sample Of Initial Drafts
  • 100% Sample Of Rewrites/Edits

How Do We Communicate

1. Communication Through Outlook Or Contract Management Software

2. Single Point Of Contact

3. Staggered Communication

  • Initial Demand
  • Initial Queries/Escalations
  • Internal Draft
  • Quality Report
  • Draft To Customer
  • Feedback & Revisions
  • Draft To Client
  • Feedback & Revisions
  • Negotiations
  • Feedback & Revisions

Process Flow