Our Approach To Building Contracts

Interests Based, Commercially Savvy, Solution Oriented Contract Drafting

  • We Strive To Build In Common Interests Of The Parties
  • We Act On The Business Priorities Of The Customer
  • We Suggest Creative Solutions That Help Solve Business Problems
  • We Draft To Manage & Contain Legal Risk
  • Business First, Legal First


Financial Contracts

Drafting financial contracts requires the lawyer to “understand business”. One assignment involved a contract with 4 primary parties, and a number of secondary parties, all involved in transactions where collateralized debt was being refinanced. The refinance had to be guaranteed; the guarantee had to have sufficient claw backs and protections covering the guarantor as to be commercially reasonable. The customer wanted as much protection built in regarding the risks of foreclosure/bankruptcy as possible. Given the legally binding nature of a guarantee, and the definitive nature of protection offered by bankruptcy to the bankrupt, balancing interests and drawing up a legal document which would find common ground, required dexterity. Our team was pleased to land the assignment, given the nature of learning possible, and was further gratified when industry veterans found their deliverable to be of high quality.

Commercial Deal Contracts

Whether it is commercial contracts supporting Joint Ventures, Build-Operate-Own arrangements, Affiliations, Marketing Partnerships or Alliances, Zeta Intelex’s contracts team has drafted, reviewed or marked them all. Our main learning from commercial contracts is that the remote provider should always exhaustively collect details from the customer before sending out the first draft. Without exhaustive details, it is impossible to judge the level of strength each party to the negotiation brings to the table. If a re-mote provider were to send out a balanced draft, there is a risk the customer’s rights would seep out were that contract to be tabled immediately without attorney review. To send out a draft that adequately protected our customer, and yet, did not cause a breakdown of talks, our team needs as rich a store of information as anybody pre-sent at the table. We’ve therefore developed detailed templates to collect data at each stage so that the customer is well understood.