We ghost write entire eBooks and have undertaken large projects where the books involved extended more than 500 pages in length.

Our staff follow a tried and test methodology.

We have three tiers of staff. The first tier is good at data capture and adept at surfing existing information sources and collating a massive data dump on any given subject.

The second tier is good at data redaction, and skilled in structuring the data and removing redundancies.

The third tier is the creative team. Who read the summarized information and write the creative content.

The act of writing is again divided into 4 stages.

At the first stage, an outline is agreed between the customer and the creative team.

At the second stage, an initial chapter is approved.

At the third stage, the descriptive portion of the book is handed over, reviewed and approved.

At the fourth and final stage, the deductive content, with our conclusions, interpretation and deductions, is handed over, reviewed and approved.

Using a team of three, a 500 page book can be written in 2 months or less, from the outline, to the content, to the finishing.

We consult the customer at each important landmark in the project, based on mutual agreement, and hand over all copyrights to the work once finished.


Bankruptcy E Book – US

  • Bankruptcy Practice Area
  • Creative & Original Content
  • Practical Reference Guide
  • Layperson Friendly
  • 200+ Pages
    • Detailed Knowledge Gathering
    • Compiling
    • Assimilation
    • Content Creation
    • Stringent Review
    • Involved Customer