Information security goes beyond the mere installation of CCTVs or Access Control. Besides the technological measures, administrative attempts must continuously keep pace, and monitoring/record keeping must adequately support information security measures.

Besides the technological, administrative and record keeping measures we take at Zeta Intelex, as outlined below, information security is an inherent part of our service delivery, a belief which flows from the top down and which colors every action we take.

Technological Measures

  • Access Controls - Premises
    • Thumb
    • Access Cards
  • CCTV
  • Access Control – Data
    • Internet & Email Restricted Access
    • Removable Drives Disabled
    • Recording Devices Controlled
    • Printing Disabled
  • Desktop Monitoring Software
  • Secured VPN tunnel (3DES encrypted) for server connectivity
  • secure FTP server with a confidential login
  • Firewall
  • Diversity, Redundancy & Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Link Infrastructure
    • Robust Backups Regime

Administrative Measures

  • 24*7 Manual Guards
  • Training On Information Security To All Staff
    • Users only entitled to use their own specific log-in details
    • Hard-to-guess and frequently changed passwords
    • Desktop Locking
  • Audits

Record Keeping Measures

  • Information Security Policy
  • Internet & Email Usage Policy
  • Link Uptime Log
  • Virus Attack/Breach Log
  • Desktop Monitoring Log
  • CCTV Log
  • Access System Uptime Log