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Letting the customer receive maximum benefit from the outsourcing initiative requires a robust partnership, an open, welcoming approach, and intellectual integrity which allows space for constructive criticism.

Savings come from the unlikeliest places. The following graph on LPO savings shows how outsourcing just 20% work, can yield 80% of the eventual total benefits.

We match our analysis with our actions. Our implementation cascade shown below allows the maximum benefit to flow your way.

This is Deep Outsourcing, in action.

As cross border transactions increase, and the legal market becomes more global, legal services are increasingly delivered using a global workforce.

A global workforce creates synergies that go far beyond labor arbitrage.

If lawyers in India are encouraged to involve their full potential, the partnership between a law firm and Indian LPO staff will create sustainable competitive advantages for the law firm.

Zeta Intelex has put together a delivery approach, which will provide you with sentient, and resourceful legal services, from an Indian location, using well trained, enabled staff.

That’s why; we put Law First & Process First.