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We provide services in drafting legal creative content to legal publishers and law firms. We provide head notes drafting services, which include shepherdizing and treatment. We also write web content like blogs, articles, news reports. We ghostwrite e-books, which are copyrightable. We also do creative content projects, like help build glossaries and training manuals.

Writing creative content for consumers for legal services is specialized. The rules that apply to other web content do not apply here. The consumer base displays unique characteristics. They want the content to be well researched, with a fine eye for detail and with a clear understanding of their problems.

We believe that content should be useful and valuable to the reader, not an indulgent exercise in self expression. Our staff looks at the same existing thing everyone else is and think about it differently. They look in unlikely places for connections and angles that can enhance your content.

We write on a varied set of practice areas and can provide specialists for fields as diverse as taxation and legal education.

Our content is written largely for the web, and is SEO friendly, with the right keyword density. It is easily referable and accessible.

We can provide content for, launch, and maintain websites and SEO campaigns tailored to your customers.

We also collaborate with other providers in large projects and have handled business relationships with developers, designers, other content providers, internationally.

We are currently offering a free content requirement analysis for interested customers. Just give us a call on 0091 712 2249801 or send us an email at info@zetaintelex.com and we will put together an analysis of your site. This is the best way for us to establish our value to you.