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Outsourcing the entire contract management life cycle does not work for each law firm, when it’s done with the right foundations in place, it increases savings radically, with far lower overall risk that standalone drafting.

Process Description Target Beneficiaries Upscaling Time In India US Market Rate Minimum Rate For Zeta
Contract Management - Low End Template Management, Review and Tracking alone 1. Midsize Commercial or Employment Law Firms; 2. Retail Companies; 3. Auto/Transport Companies; 4. Financial Services (Who would otherwise have been at No. 1); 5. Telecom, Utilities, Health 2 weeks USD 25 Per Hour USD 17.5 Per Hour
Contract Management - High End In addition to Template Management, Review and Drafting, tracking each contract through its lifecycle, flagging its upcoming renewal to the client, and supporting the renewal process through review and drafting, as required. Would typically require some US/UK qualified attorneys to be available on our shop floor 1. Retail Companies;
2. Auto/Transport Companies; 3. Financial Services (Who would otherwise have been at No. 1); 4. Telecom, Utilities, Health; 5. Technology Mass Sellers
6 weeks USD 60 - 1000 USD 40 - 400 Per Hour