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Our services in litigation support go beyond document review or deposition summaries. We provide top of the line pre and post appearance support and comprehensive document management services.
Litigation support is the process of providing consultation and support services to attorneys in regard to current and pending cases. The type of support services offered ranges from research and documentation of facts and precedents before a case comes to trial, or assisting in the determination of damages one a case has been tried.

E Discovery Project

Our Litigation Support Team was thrilled to complete a detailed story board creation and remedy analysis for a US based customer recently. The dispute involved complex issues of online defamation, evidence, cyber crime and chain of causation. The team pored over electronic communication, researched relevant provisions of the law and prepared a bundle for counsel to consider. The storyboarding deliverable required that we construct a chronological chain of events, redact and summarize. This tested our training on US civil litigation procedure and on the US law of evidence. The summary was to be considered by laypeople as well, and had to be short, user friendly, yet cover each cause of action and instance comprehensively. The remedy analysis required us to work outside context and provide solutions verging on intuitive. This tested our training on the US legal system, substantive civil litigation and emerging issues in internet litigation. We delivered the project on time, the customer we nt away delighted and came back to engage us again!