Straddling both worlds requires that we attract the right talent, that we deliver to high quality and that our environment breed excellence.

Attracting talent involves the following:

  • Attractive role and atmosphere – An attractive role and atmosphere involves both motivation and hygiene factors. Here, LPOs like Zeta Intelex score over other avenues. The atmosphere is exclusively profit and performance driven, very corporate, very global. The rewards are top of the market. The work content attracts an increasing breed of student and practitioner, who find meaning in delivering high quality work efficiently.
  • Brand, trust and reputation – Zeta Intelex are a well-established company in Nagpur, with a long term standing, and employs more than 225 staff. The LPO staff population in India is uniquely mobile and alert. We anticipate no difficulty in attracting talent.
  • Good snaring, screening, recruiting and employee management policies.

Three bases are intensively involved in real time delivery :

a) Smooth communication channels

  • Synchronized communication styles - We solve this by extensive knowledge sharing during transition
  • Synchronized vocabulary – We solve this through stringent screening of potential recruits, so that they bring mastery over the language and good communication skills, which we will then build on through communication & culture training
  • Synchronized nuance – We lay the groundwork for this during the transition

b) “Push” oriented processes

  • Incoming instructions are stringently recorded and monitored as “work in progress”
  • Employee performance is monitored on an instruction to instruction basis
  • There is a chain of command that does nothing other than manage queues of instructions

c) Access to solutions

  • An atmosphere that emphasizes ownership and solutions
  • A library that’s deep enough and vast enough to enable the staff

Environmentally, we implement:

  • An open leadership style
  • Communication to and from Customers flowing through Single Points of Contacts (SPOCs)
  • Clarity about each staff member’s role
  • Clarity on what is expected from that staff member
  • Clear, consistent communication of this expectation