Zeta Intelex also provide services where we track and write up articles or mailers on important breaking news, within our hiring customer’s company or within his chosen practice area/s.

Our staff once engaged over the medium term to provide news write ups in any legal area, continuously scan the internet for breaking news.

Once they come across interesting breaking news, during the Indian day shift, they draw up a suitable article or press note or mailer on it. This article, press note or mailer explains what has happened, who was involved, how events occurred and where they will impact the customer, or the consumer of the customer’s services.

Our staff writes in the American Newspaper writing style, briefly cover all important fact, hypothesize, provide premises, and end with a call for action.

The content starts by introducing the central theme, then elaborates on it, and concludes with a punch. The language is simple, and aims to inform, rather than preach or obfuscate.

Once written, the piece is edited, and by the next day morning, US/UK time, the customer is able to review it and approve/amend.

We then use the services of professional syndicators to widely circulate the piece online. Using the best Search Engine Optimization methods, our staff ensure that the piece is highlighted, noted and discussed in all major forums.

We provide tracking, writing and publicizing services in all major practice areas and have available specialists who deal with obscure topics, or technical topics, with great ease.