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Attorneys who hire our pre and post appearance litigation support want a legal process outsourcing service provider who can deliver responsive, flexible, intuitive, creative, learning and thinking LPO services. These LPO services must function as an arm of that attorney’s office.

Customers want LPO staff trained in US litigation, steeped in American work culture and communication styles, with sufficient ‘confidence of the mind’ to tackle complex legal tasks while dealing with a hostile information set from a foreign jurisdiction.

Customers want processes that allow US staff to synchronize their communication with LPO staff seamlessly, mindful of nuance, legal and ethical requirements. Processes that rely on push rather than pull, so that no work slips through the cracks, and every incoming instruction is delivered on time. Customers want robust quality and audit processes in place. They want processes that allow for the formation of impromptu teams to tackle urgent or complex projects - 24*7.

Our staff work on the same footing as junior lawyers seconded to a partner within a law firm and carry out tasks like research, document drafting, document review and document management. They can be cobbled together like a “flash team”, ready to perform large scale tasks at an hour’s notice, dismantled by the next day.

Pre & post appearance litigation support works on the small, medium or large scale. Where work is carried out on the small or medium scale, we rely on our internal processes to track, monitor, audit and deliver work. Where work is carried out on the large scale, we rely on good processes and high levels of information technology enablement. Our staff are adept at handling a vast range of IT tools and systems.

Typical Large Customer IT Profile

  1. Document Management – Interwoven Records Management
  2. Case Management – Interwoven Worksite & Others
  3. Remote Access - Citrix GoToMyPC Corporate
  4. Records & Data Retention & Protection - Ecora's Auditor Professional 4.5
  5. Client Interactions – Extranets
  6. Billing – Electronic Billing (Platform unknown)
  7. Budgeting & Forecasting - Satori V-i-Performance Planning