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Attorneys typically look to hire paralegals virtually when they face an overflow of work, or a temporary staff shortage.

Though our engagements start as temporary stop-gap arrangements, we take pride in converting temporary pilots into long term professional support.

Attorneys who hire our pre and post appearance paralegal support want a legal process outsourcing service provider who can deliver responsive, flexible, experienced LPO services. These LPO services must function as an arm of that attorney’s office

Customers want LPO staff trained in US law firm processes, steeped in American work culture and communication styles, able to tackle routine legal tasks while dealing with hostile information set from a foreign jurisdiction.

Customers want processes that allow US staff to synchronize their communication with LPO staff seamlessly, mindful of nuance, legal and ethical requirements. Processes that rely on push rather than pull, so that no work slips through the cracks, and every incoming instruction is delivered on time. Customers want robust quality and audit processes in place. They want processes that allow for the formation of impromptu teams to tackle urgent or long term tasks - 24*7.

Our staff work on the same footing as paralegals seconded to a partner within a law firm and carry out tasks like transcription, form filling, scheduling, routine research and contact management. The form filling function is particularly important, if structured well, it can aid an office in bringing systems into all routine outbound correspondence, and manage transactions more efficiently.