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In addition to a firm grounding in research techniques, good grasp of narrative and robust deductive ability, staff that work on regulations based research are trained in the rules of interpretation. They apply all these rules to the text of the bare act, the regulation, the judgment related and conclude the gist, for the benefit of the customer.

The language of regulations invariably varies to a great extent, while research reports are within a standardized framework. Translating the nuance of legislation into clear, sharp, focused and plain English tests the skills of specialists to the maximum.

Understanding regulations and fitting them into the context of the customer’s business case requires a keen sense for commercials. Our staff pride themselves on “Understanding the business”.

We typically start research exercises by determining the ambit within which the search is to be conducted. To understand the scope of the research better, we send a list of questions, that we propose to answer through our research, to the customer.

Once there is unanimity between the customer and ourselves on the general framework to be adopted, we start reading, analyzing and culling out relevant text from regulations. An independent data dump is maintained and provided to the customer at the end. In case they wish to cross check a point or elaborately analyze any research finding they can do so using the this data dump.

The data dump is then minutely analyzed, and the stance of each jurisdiction to each question is written out in plain language.