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We perform patent searches at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office search tool and also all the relevant patent and non-patent literature search databases. The searches we perform are:

  1. Novelty Searches
  2. Validity Searches
  3. Infringement Searches
  4. State-of-the-art searches

The following is the stream of technological fields we have the expertise on:

Mechanical, Electronics, Medical devices, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical,Chemistry, Polymers,IT, and telecommunications

Our typical patent search process:

  1. Each search is performed by two separate teams
  2. Each search is supervised by a team leaders
  3. Each search is checked for quality by quality managers
  4. Final search document is prepared by the operations head, combining & filtering both the teams’ work
  5. Final review is performed by the operations head, and deliverable is prepared
  6. Deliverable sent to the client
  7. Client feedback is sought

We also have a dedicated team for performing Patent landscape analysis that takes the form of a deliverable report and a functioning database. The database can be customized as per the client’s requirements. The long technology background of our company assures that we have the expertise available to prepare all kinds of customizable databases. Our patent landscape analysis service offering helps you:

  • Compare your patent portfolio with the competition
  • Examine JV and licensing opportunities
  • Avoid infringing others’ patents
  • Recognize technological trends and identify gaps
  • Direct your R&D budget in the right direction

We are quick to adopting the latest trends and technologies in the patent searching domain, and share the cost benefits with our clients.