Shared Services is similar to collaboration which might take place between different organizations such as a Hospital Trust or a Police Force.

Shared services refer to the provision of a service by Zeta Intelex where that service had previously been found in more than one part of the customer’s organization or group. By outsourcing shared services, customers avoid duplication of funding and resourcing. The services are provided efficiently and the team at Zeta Intelex, dedicated to that customer effectively becomes its managed external service provider.

Typically, shared services are performed in house, and are considered separate from outsourcing arrangements. By providing our customers with the cost saving that comes with adopting the shared services pattern, and by ensuring they receive all the comforts of outsourcing with this cost saving, our amalgamation provides unique value.

Where a shared services model is adopted by a firm, duplication reduces drastically. At the same time, collaboration and information sharing must increase, if the experience is to be successful over the long term. We harness this commitment to information sharing and source the work out to us, reducing the need for internal collaboration, supervision and time investment.

The initiative thus delivers a double cost saving, and ticks all the boxes, in terms of the control, security and strategic risk reduction, that a standard shared services model offers firms.