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Marketing law firms is very difficult. Besides the regulatory restrictions on advertising and solicitation, surveys suggest that customers of legal services need up to seven connects to convert to a sale. Typically, up to three connects are considered sufficient.

Increasingly, consumers of legal services search online. It goes beyond having an easy to use, informative and impressive website. It’s now all about granting web visibility to the company. Building up an online brand.

As part of providing content, we deliver the entire host of Search Engine Media.

We write blogs, write comments with links in other blogs, write articles, manage their delivery to all popular online magazines and add them to all directory services like Digg or Delicious.

We initially carry out an analysis of the most frequently used search terms in the relevant area of law, region or topic. The content is written in an SEO friendly manner, with adequate key word density, so that consumers searching with the most popular keywords in that area of law, region or topic find the site ranked high in the search results. A high ranking inspires trust, gets more hits and leads to more business.

We follow a few rules while drafting content:

  1. Web content is different
  2. It flows smoother, because people tend to do 3-4 other things while reading information online
  3. It must be short
  4. It must give just enough information, but not too much
  5. The reader comes first on the web, because it is so easy to click the mouse and leave the page
  6. The content must build confidence in the reader
  7. It must not patronize
  8. Flat, sharp, clear writing. With apt visuals to bring it full circle
  9. SEO optimized content, which uses language only as the means to an end and shows genuine respect for the reader

Our content is fresh, original, and helps our customers build a unique brand on the web.