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This platform helps customers to identify potential audience or buyers. Typically companies rely on demographic, psychographic analysis to identify their audience. In the legal feel, marketing is initiated through rainmakers and experienced feel. Our platform identifies target market, helps the customer analyze the content which would appeal, and allows us to support the customer by writing content, cold calling or through hard copy publications.

Our customers might simply state that “We would like to increase our Personal Injury clients to be 40% of our entire client list”.

With our platform for that customer in place, we then go on analyze what this goal means, n the current market conditions. Who are the customer’s regional competitors? Where are pools of clients likely to be found? Would a mass marketing strategy work on the internet? The platform, based on customized market knowledge, helps us in conducting this analysis.

Our direction clear, we then devise a winning message for the customer, and update the customer’s website, to reflect this message

If the customer then hires us to provide online marketing support or write online content as well, we follow through with all those activities as well.

The purpose of the platform is to ensure that customer’s staff not specifically trained in marketing, are able to generate winning marketing campaigns, based on the platform.

It helps track prospects, and generates leads. It helps in analyzing and feedback the customer receives on his marketing message.