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As a standalone service, web based marketing support includes:

a) Analysis – To help identify the customer’s target audience.
b) Formulation Of Message – To help sell the customer’s services to the target audience
c) Website Design & Customization – To suit the customer’s marketing message.
d) Web Visibility – Through SEO, comments, back links and page rank
e) Blogs – Building, maintaining and regularly updating.
f) Articles – On topics suggested by the customer, or as a series.
g) Comments – This comments are left in blogs/articles relevant to the customer’s interests, or in blogs/articles featured on sites that are of the customer’s interest. They include a link to the customer’s website.
h) SEO/SEM – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, both aimed at increasing the web visibility of the customer
i) Cold Calling – To reach out to business and individual prospects, within the ambit of the law, and attempt to solve their problems using our customer’s offerings.
j) Handling Online Queries – Making sure the calling prospect’s problem is correctly identified, the prospect is correctly directed to the right specialist in firm, quoted the right fee, and includes sending out the right document pack to each prospect, within 24 hours of receiving a call.
k) Building Scripts – Based on which online enquiries and cold calls are answered. These scripts are compliant and effective.
l) Training Material for Marketing - Which enables otherwise non-specialized staff in training themselves on marketing, and provides timely support in all their marketing efforts.
m) Drafting Collateral – Including presentations, cover letters, marketing emails, brochures and other printed material content.