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Our experience is layered with cutting edge knowledge management practices, which yield recurrent savings. Our areas of focus are drafting commercial Legal documents, technology contracts, internet law based documents and legal research. Nonetheless, we’ve acquired expertise in fields as different as Intellectual Property, E-Discovery & Legal Publishing, making us an accomplished full service LPO.

Litigation Support – Document Review (US)

  • Dispute Between Customer & Service Provider
  • Relevancy Check
  • Privilege Check
  • Memorandum
    • Opinion On Strength Of Case For Counsel
    • Case Summary For Counsel


Prior Art Searches & Claims Re-Draft (Global)

  • Prior Art Search In Hydrocarbons
  • Claims Redraft involving Telecommunications/Signals
  • Bilski & Patent Office Objections Compensated Against

Inventor Searches (Global)

  • Over 10 Inventors
  • Pharma-Biotech Invention
  • Invention Involved Interaction Between Two Drugs

Invalidation Search (Global)

  • Pharma Biotech Patent
  • Interaction With Business Methods
  • Arrangement Of Information
  • Contradictory Heritage Knowledge

IP Portfolio Tracking (UK)

  • University Portfolio
  • PCT & EU Filing Searches
  • Would Lead To Long Term Patent Watch Assignment

Invalidation Search (GLOBAL)

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Passkey & Codes
  • Insufficient Description
  • Heritage Knowledge & Established Business Practice